Do your emotional health check

Once a year, you may visit your family doctor - if you have one - for a physical check-up. During the consultation, your doctor checks your blood pressure, your heart rate and prescribes a blood test, in order to ascertain the blood level of certain hormones, for example. But what about your psychological health?

At the conference, you will have the opportunity to take an emotional health check-up and receive simple, practical and applicable advice. You will then be able to take stock of several aspects: mood, stress, sleep, energy, balance in the 7 spheres of life, and in your social network. Stéphane Migneault will use analogies and examples from his own practice with a good sense of humour.

Objectives of the conference

  • Increase self-awareness;
  • Know and recognize physical and emotional warning signals;
  • Adopt behaviors and lifestyle habits that promote emotional health and prevent psychological health problems.
An informative and enriching conference not to be missed!