Sleep better to work better : 30 tips to improve your sleep


Did you know that approximately 25 % to 30 % of the population say that they experience occasional symptoms of temporary insomnia or that they are dissatisfied with their sleep? Did you know that 10% of the population report suffering from chronic insomnia? These data surprise you?

Lack of sleep can affect your performance at work:

  • fatigue
  • bad mood
  • decreased motivation
  • difficulty concentrating
  • fear of not sleeping
  • distress
  • etc.

Also, when insomnia becomes chronic, it is associated with an increased risk of developing psychological disorders such as depression, or physical health problems such as hypertension. Without a doubt, mental and physical health requires quality sleep. The good news is that we can intervene to improve sleep and reduce the consequences of insomnia.

At the end of the conference, you and your colleagues will leave with close to 30 tips and tricks to improve sleep. You will find clear answers to specific questions such as:

  • When faced with insomnia, is it recommended to take a nap?
  • At what time of day should a person exercise to sleep better?
  • Ideally, how long before bedtime should a person take a hot bath?
  • What are the habits to adopt to improve your sleep?
  • Can alcohol help you sleep?

This conference is one of a kind. No boring lecture. Instead, a funny and informative quiz.

In short, a captivating conference that won’t put you to sleep!

Duration: 60 or 75 min

Conference objectives

  • Define insomnia and determine its risk factors;
  • Adopt sleep-friendly behaviors and habits;
  • Become aware of issues related to taking sleeping pills;
  • Improve sleep and, indirectly, productivity and well-being at work.